Ziad Antar: Fluid Form II: Arab Contemporary Art in Seoul, NEMO (Samsung Blue Square) & Busan Museum of Art, Seoul & Busan, South Korea

21 May 2014 - 04 July 2014

Fluid Form II is an ongoing exhibition which commenced in 2010 and is supported by the Korean-Arab Society. The experience and reality of artists from Arab countries and the diaspora is as diverse as it is complex. The issues that the artists confront are not only how to define their work in the context of the historical and colonial relationship to the West, but also the contradictory perceptions the West has of Arab societies, which range from an admiration of the architecture and new cities, to both an interest in and misunderstanding of Islam at large. Fluid Form II does not seek to have a definite thesis of Arab Contemporary art but rather to provide some cultural insight to the human, intellectual and social considerations encompassed in the work of the artists. Art that may employ, for example, history, life stories, personal experience of loss, revolution, constriction, belonging and opposition. It requires the visitor lay aside pre-conceptions and allow their gaze to shift through works for a profound understanding of our shared humanity.

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