Massinissa Selmani & Eva Nielsen at Art [ ] Collector | 5 x 2

15 November 2016 - 03 December 2016

Art [ ] Collector | 5 x 2 

Massinissa Selmani

Eva Nielsen

Preview Opening | 14.11.16 | 17.30 hrs

Exhibition Dates | 15.11 to 03.12.16

Patio Art Opéra I Paris, France

Curated by Philippe Piguet

Past September the selection committee of Art [ ] Collector met its founders – Evelyne & Jacques Deret – and awarded its 10th laureate to Massinissa Selmani and as a result they presented his body of work as a solo show entitled Blue Comme une Orange. Now Art [ ] Collector returns to Le Patio Art Opéra and celebrates its 5th anniversary with a retrospective that will show about thirty pieces by all ten previous winners since 2011; each artist will present an average of three artworks. Next year the show will travel to Brussels.

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