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Elena Damiani | Screen Acts: Women in Film and Video | Group show

19 May 2019

© Copyright 2019 sjmusart.org The San José Museum of Art celebrates new ideas, stimulates creativity, and inspires connection with every visit. Welcoming and thought provoking, the Museum delights visitors with it’s surprising and playful perspective on the art and artists of our time. Screen Acts: Women in Film and Video This series highlights women artists and […]

Elena Damiani @ La Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

28 January 2019

© Copyright 2019 La Galleria Nazionale The Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea launches its new season of exhibitions with Joint is Out of Time, a new grafting which redefines the current staging of the collections, renewing them with the works of seven contemporary artists of international provenance. In October 2016, the opening of the exhibition […]

Elena Damiani at the Bienal de Cuenca

25 November 2016 - 05 February 2017

Bienal de Cuenca | Impermanencia Elena Damiani Bienal Dates | 25.11 to 05.02.17 City of Cuenca I Cuenca, Spain Curated by Dan Cameron and C. Gallegos Selma Feriani Gallery is pleased to announce Elena Damiani’s participation to the XIII Bienal de Cuenca. The XIII Bienal de Cuenca, Impermanencia, proposes to bring together a geographically and stylistically diverse group […]

AO On-Site – Venice: “All the World’s Futures” at the Giardini in Venice Through November 22nd, 2015

09 May 2015

© Copyright 2015 Art Observed. D. Creahan   The Central Pavilion in Venice’s Giardini is the second site for All the World’s Futures, the main curatorial project around which the Biennale centers itself.  Featuring another series of artists spread out inside the exhibition space’s remarkable white facade, the exhibition continues its investigation of debris and late capitalism through a more playful, yet equally […]

Venice Power Brokers: Okwui Enwezor, Curator of “All the World’s Futures”

27 April 2015

© Copyright 2015 Blouin artinfo. Eric Bryant, Angela M.H. Schuster, Art + Auction   Since its founding 120 years ago as a single exhibition with an array of mostly European artists, la Biennale di Venezia has grown into a sprawling collection of shows and events taking place over more than six months. In fact, this year’s extravaganza — […]

Elena Damiani & Nidhal Chamekh at the 56th Venice Biennial: All the World’s Futures

09 May 2015 - 22 November 2015

Curated by Okwui Enwezor Biennale Dates | 09.05 to 22.11.2015 Venice, Italy Selma Feriani Gallery would like to congratulate both Elena Damiani and Nidhal Chamekh for their inclusion at the forthcoming 56th Venice Biennale. The 56th International Art Exhibition will form a unitary itinerary that starts at the Central Pavilion (Giardini) and continues at the […]

Elena Damiani at Marker Art Dubai 2015

18 March 2015 - 21 March 2015

Building Imaginary Bridges Over Hard Ground Group exhibition Elena Damiani  Curated by Luiza Teixeira de Freitas 18.03 to 21.03.15 Madinat Jumeirah Dubai I UAE Marker 2015 includes an exhibition that brings together works that in some way–whether intentional or not–build bridges and make connections between Latin America and the Arab World. The exhibition references Tlön, […]

Elena Damiani: Livre Imagine, Dans Cinquante ans d’Ici Curated by Niekolaas Lekkerkerk, Les Territoires, Montreal

12 March 2014 - 19 April 2014

The exhibition Dans Cinquante Ans d’Ici posits the book – as object, container and idea – against the backdrop of some recent and ongoing discussions that address the probable demise of the bound volume in conjunction with the emergence of digital reading devices. As the title of this exhibition already implies, a somewhat speculative approach […]

Elena Damiani: Project 35 Volume II, ICI Independent Curators International Touring Exhibition, Acadia University, Nova Scotia

03 March 2014 - 16 April 2014

In 2010 ICI launched PROJECT 35, a program of single-channel videos selected by thirty-five international curators who each chose one work from an artist they think is important for audiences around the world to experience today. The resulting selection has been presented simultaneously in more than thirty venues around the globe, inspiring discourse in places […]

Elena Damiani: 9th Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Alegre, Brazil

13 September 2013 - 10 November 2013

The promises of the 9th Bienal do Mercosul l Porto Alegre are to identify, propose and repurpose changing belief systems and appraisals of experimentation and innovation. It intends to raise ontological and technological questions through artistic practice, object making and nodes of experience. This edition of the biennial can be considered an environment in which […]

Elena Damiani: Ciclorama, Museo Tamayo, Mexico City

08 May 2013 - 22 September 2013

Ciclorama  Elena Damiani Exhibition Dates I 08/05/2013 to 22/09/2013 Museo Tamayo I Mexico City Curated by Andrea Torreblanca Cyclorama is an exhibition that looks into the practice of five artists interested in landscape and history as forms of representation and mediation. Through the appropriation of archives, photographs and old prints or the reconstruction of legendary histories, […]

Elena Damiani at Revolver Gallery, Lima

30 November 2012 - 20 January 2013

Revolver Gallery presents Elena Damiani’s “History Is Decomposed In Images, Not In Stories”, a collection of collages, sculptures and video, which evoke the experiences of the ‘wanderer’. Reworking images found in photographic archives, the exhibit is composed by a series of objects arranged in isolated landscapes. They invoke a certain solitude and longing, and yet […]

Elena Damiani, Reading Complex Act IV – Sans Titre, Government Art Collection, London

19 March 2012 - 05 April 2012

Reading Complex Act IV – Sans Titre, Government Art Collection Elena Damiani  Exhibition Dates I 19/03/2012 to 05/04/2012 London , United Kingdom Curated by: Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, Catherine Serrano In the wake of the digital turn, in this era of iPads and Kindles, the book is becoming a sensual luxury artifact, a precious and extravagant superfluity […]

Elena Damiani, “Inside the Whale”, FaMa Gallery, Verona

13 January 2012 - 17 March 2012

  “Inside the Whale” FaMa Gallery, Verona Artists: Gabriele Beveridge, Elena Damiani, Koki Tanaka Exhibition Dates I 13/01/2012 to 17/03/2012 FaMa Gallery, Verona Curator: Matteo Pollini The exhibition Inside the Whale is an investigation on the experience of the everyday and the ordinary through objects, imagery and history. With their work, the artists in show explore, break, […]

Elena Damiani, “Cutting edge women”, Verbeke Foundation, Collage Museum, Antwerp

20 November 2011 - 20 November 2011

“Cutting edge women” Elena Damiani Verbeke Foundation Exhibition Dates I 20/11/2011 Collage Museum I Antwerp , Belgium . In the early 1990s Geert and Carla Verbeke began art collecting. After an initial interest in abstract art, the collection was reoriented into collages and assemblages of mainly Belgian artists. In recent years the collection was expanded to […]