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Maha Malluh, Rula Halawani: View From Inside, Fotofest 2014 Biennial, Houston

15 March 2014 - 27 April 2014

FotoFest announces the selection of forty-nine leading contemporary Arab artists for its principal exhibitions in the 2014 Biennial, View from inside. These presentations of contemporary photo and media-related art from the Middle East and North Africa will be the largest program of its kind in the United States in more than a decade. The exhibition […]

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Elena Damiani: Livre Imagine, Dans Cinquante ans d’Ici Curated by Niekolaas Lekkerkerk, Les Territoires, Montreal

12 March 2014 - 19 April 2014

The exhibition Dans Cinquante Ans d’Ici posits the book – as object, container and idea – against the backdrop of some recent and ongoing discussions that address the probable demise of the bound volume in conjunction with the emergence of digital reading devices. As the title of this exhibition already implies, a somewhat speculative approach […]

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Elena Damiani: Project 35 Volume II, ICI Independent Curators International Touring Exhibition, Acadia University, Nova Scotia

03 March 2014 - 16 April 2014

In 2010 ICI launched PROJECT 35, a program of single-channel videos selected by thirty-five international curators who each chose one work from an artist they think is important for audiences around the world to experience today. The resulting selection has been presented simultaneously in more than thirty venues around the globe, inspiring discourse in places […]

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Ziad Antar: Au Hasard de la Pellicule, Musée Nicéphore Niépce, Chalon-sur-Saône

15 February 2014 - 18 May 2014

The photograph is a matter of intent. It is believed that the photographer has control from shooting to printing. But what happens when the original film is obsolete? In 2000, Ziad Antar began using black and white film. He unearthed rolls of film that had expired in 1976 in the legendary Scheherazade studio of photographer […]

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Aninat & Swinburn: Black Caravanne, Usina del Arte Museum, Buenos Aires

01 February 2014 - 30 June 2014

Aninat & Swinburn collective are showing their marble piece titled Painful Times during the international show Black Caravanne at the Usina del Arte Museum in La Boca, Buenos Aires. The artwork is sitting amongst other important and carefully selected pieces by other international established contemporary artists such as Anish Kapoor, Damien Hirst, Do-Ho Suh, Hiroshi […]

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ArteEast : Nidhal Chemekh (ENG & FR)

14 January 2014

Nidhal Chemekh’s visual art has often been described as unsettling. His artistic exploration unfolds around complex and fragmented shapes whose meaning is often blurred, almost absent. His designs evolve in accidents, without a predetermined logic that binds one form to another.

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Introducing Ismaïl Bahri | Art Press n°406

05 December 2013

Ismaïl Bahri uses video to talk about cinema and make time and movement visble. Currently in residence at Espace Khiasma in Les Lilas, on the eastern rim of Paris, he is working on an exhibition to be shown there next year.

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Q & A : Ismaïl Bahri and Black Ink | Revolve Magazine

02 November 2013

Ismaïl Bahri (b.1978, Tunis) lives and works between Paris, Lyon and Tunis. He is represented by Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris. His work incorporates many cultural and aesthetic references, developing visual experiments that are both sensitive and exacting. The results of these experiments are drawings, videos, photographs, installations, and hybrids of these forms.

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Armen Agop: Awarded the Presidential Medal of the Italian Republic

01 October 2013 - 31 October 2013

Armen Agop was awarded the Presidential Medal of the Italian Republic October 5th at the closing ceremony of the 40th Edition of the Sulmona Prize for Contemporary Art in Sulmona, Italy. The exhibition opened Saturday, September 7th and sees the participation of 125 artworks, representing over 20 nations, all displayed in the civic museums of […]

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