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Massinissa Selmani at Maison Salvan

05 November 2016

Selma Feriani Gallery is pleased to announce Massinissa Selmani solo exhibition L’horizon était là at Maison Salvan (Labège, France). Selmani’s body of work is characteristically simple and visually clean, frequently resorting to the montage of pictures and drawings that ultimately have the capacity to act far beyond their scale. Mainstream media imagery, newspaper clippings, surrealist photography […]

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Des soulèvements bien encadrés (FR)

24 October 2016

© Copyright 2016 Le Monde Blogs. Lunettes Rouges D’abord, on se dit que c’est une exposition remarquable, avec un souffle, un lyrisme, un énorme travail de recherche. Georges Didi-Huberman a réalisé avec Soulèvements (au Jeu de Paume jusqu’au 15 janvier) une encyclopédie visuelle du geste du soulèvement dont la richesse et la complexité laisse pantois. L’affiche, […]

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23 October 2016

© Copyright 2016 Libération. Judicaël Lavrador Répartie sur une douzaine de lieux bretons, la 5e édition des Ateliers de Rennes pointe la façon dont les impératifs économiques et les technologies transforment notre rapport au quotidien. Dans le décor d’une salle d’aéroport désertée, un type à la peau brûlée, avatar numérique de l’artiste Ed Atkins, dépose tous ses organes dans […]

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Massinissa Selmani & Eva Nielsen at Art [ ] Collector | 5 x 2

15 November 2016 - 03 December 2016

Past September the selection committee of Art [ ] Collector met its founders – Evelyne & Jacques Deret – and awarded its 10th laureate to Massinissa Selmani and as a result they presented his body of work as a solo show entitled Blue Comme une Orange. Now Art [ ] Collector returns to Le Patio […]

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Nidhal Chamekh at the Yinchuan Biennale

09 September 2016 - 18 December 2016

Selma Feriani Gallery is delighted to announce that Nidhal Chamekh will participate to the first edition of the Yinchuan Biennale in China. Titled For an Image, Faster Than Light the inaugural edition will witness more than 80 international artists representing all facets of the global spectrum and from all parts (east–west, north–south) working on contemporary […]

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Ismaïl Bahri at the Jeu de Paume

18 October 2016 - 15 January 2017

Selma Feriani Gallery is thrilled to announce Ismail Bahri’s participation to Soulèvements, a group exhibition curated by Georges Didi-Huberman at the Jeu de Paume (Paris, France). The Jeu de Paume entrusts all of its spaces to the philosopher and art historian Georges Didi-Huberman for a large exhibition of both historic and contemporary works. For almost ten years, […]

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Elena Damiani at the Bienal de Cuenca

25 November 2016 - 05 February 2017

Selma Feriani Gallery is pleased to announce Elena Damiani’s participation to the XIII Bienal de Cuenca. The XIII Bienal de Cuenca, Impermanencia, proposes to bring together a geographically and stylistically diverse group of artists who share an interest in mirroring the frailties and follies of human existence relative to our fundamentally fleeting existence. In doing so, […]

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Museum & Institutional Acquisitions

01 November 2016

We are elated to announce that few of our artists were added to major collections. The recent acquisitions are as follows: the artwork entitled Array (2016. Mixed media on notebooks and perspex) by Lina Ben Rejeb from Tunisia was acquired by the Boghossian Foundation; Food for Thought All-Muallaqat 2  (2014. Eleven burnt pots installation) by Maha […]

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A Filmmaker’s Impromptu Conversations on the Streets of Tunis

11 November 2016

© Copyright 2016 Hyperallergic. Naila Kelani Ismaïl Bahri’s film began with a simple premise: he would walk around Tunis with a white sheet of paper taped over his camera lens and record the changes of light. Last summer, French-Tunisian artist Ismaïl Bahri returned to his native Tunisia to make a film. It began with a […]

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