Amel Bennys

Tunis : 11 May 2013 - 30 June 2013

Press Release

Selma Feriani Gallery is delighted to introduce Amel Bennys exhibition in Tunis entitled ʻTGMʼ. For this exhibition, Bennys presents an array of her most recent paintings, a selection of her cahiers esquisses (sketch books), and one installation which will offer a visual trajectory of her expansive process and métier. Bennysʼ paintings are similarly lyrical and exist as a natural and fluid extension of sculptural figuration. Instead of canvas, the majority of Bennysʼ small paintings are made on the same lead that she includes in her sculptures. The congruency of material in each praxis, painting and sculpture, forms an exquisite rapport between the differing works. The viewer comprehends that reconciling the construction of pigments, textures, structures and hue is consistent to the handling of raw materials in an architectural manner. The exploration of material in this manner was propagated by the Cubists during the early Twentieth Century. Artists such as Picasso and Braque treated paint as a supplemental surface upon which a structure could be built. Bennysʼ practice exists within the same realm: in the incessant layering of deliberately flat pigments, the tableau becomes the art object as a three-dimensional structure.