The Universe Is Expanding

Yesmine Ben Khelil

Tunis : 29 September 2015 - 08 November 2015

Press Release

Born in 1986, Tunisian artist Yesmine Ben Khelil studied at the University Pantheon-Sorbonne in Paris, France. She constantly explores, develops and captures a wide range of fictional and/or real characters from different social and/or political backgrounds through works on paper. Her body of work usually portrays a deep sense of irony, confusion, violence and absurdity. Ben Khelil’s work is mainly based on the use of ink and pencil interventions; frequently using correctors, glitter paint and felt tip pens.

The majority of her series of portraits are taken or inspired mainly by mainstream media and from popular imagery. ‘Faceless portraits of human beings but not quite human after all. Through these characters half-man and half octopus, jellyfish and other marine molluscs we can identify infamous dictators, but above all, it is the dictatorship itself that I wanted to portray.’ (Yesmine Ben Khelil on her Secret Society series) For The Universe is Expanding we will be introducing her most recent mixed media works on paper.