14 May 2018

Source, Orientations & Foyer

Ismaïl Bahri

Bozar. Brussels, Belgium

Projection Date | 14.05.18 | 20.30 hr

If Orientations is a portrait of Tunis reflected in a glass filled with ink, Foyer seems to be a projection without film, where the only visible thing is a palpitating white screen. Voices accompany this emptiness: they are spoken by people who approach the artist at work on the film, questioning him about what he is doing. The camera becomes a foyer around which to listen and discuss, recording the impressions of a city after the revolution. The opacity created by Ismaïl Bahri – currently living between Tunis and Paris – reveals more than images might do. In his movies, he creates micro events that question the conditions for their visibility, disclosing the possibility for a new vision. During his first presence in Brussels, Bahri composes a programme of three recent films, diving into the language of cinema, and drawing a hypothetical line between the unstable quietness of Tunis before and after the revolution.