Maha Malluh at the Louvre Abu Dhabi

11 November 2017

Louvre Abu Dhabi I Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Described as a ‘new world museum of the 21st century’, Louvre Abu Dhabi aims to redefine the traditional museum experience by deconstructing traditional perspectives of art history, and building a narrative that finds commonality across cultures — instead of the accepted format of museology, in which works from specific regions are grouped together. The museum is home to 23 galleries, with the collections divided into 12 ‘chapters’ that take visitors on a journey through the history of time. The artworks include rare pieces sourced from across 13 museums in France.

In line with the museum’s mission to reinvent how museums are experienced, in Louvre Abu Dhabi, art from the region isn’t clustered together, but rather spread across different galleries according to their historic relevance. So, you’ll find Neolithic artefacts loaned from UAE museums; prehistoric tools secured from Saudi Arabia; a striking Diorite statue of Egyptian King Ramesses II (on loan from the Egyptian antiquities section of Louvre Paris); and works from modern Middle Eastern artists such as internationally renowned Emirati artist Hassan Sharif, and Maha Malluh from Saudi Arabia.

Extract from text by Sudeshna Ghosh