Massinissa Selmani at Maison Salvan

05 November 2016

L’horizon était là

Massinissa Selmani

Preview Opening | 04.11.16 | 19.00 hrs

Exhibition Dates | 05.11 to 17.12.16

Maison Salvan I Labège Village, France

Selma Feriani Gallery is pleased to announce Massinissa Selmani solo exhibition L’horizon était là at Maison Salvan (Labège, France).

Selmani’s body of work is characteristically simple and visually clean, frequently resorting to the montage of pictures and drawings that ultimately have the capacity to act far beyond their scale. Mainstream media imagery, newspaper clippings, surrealist photography and French and Algerian literature inspire the majority of the artist’s drawings and/or graphic designs. And by means of superimposing such found images and making drawing interventions he intentionally gives way to depth and especially movement. Most importantly, Selmani’s aim is creating familiar yet juxtaposed social and political scenarios unlikely to happen in reality, and always balances these depictions within the realms of the comical and the tragic. In a sense, he minimalistically reflects and stages the daily absurdity that we experience throughout our lives. His body of work harmoniously explores the drawing as a medium in order to create and depict different kinds of moving images. To achieve this, the artist resources his methods to superimposing images, drawing on top of overlays and assimilating techniques belonging to photography and film; whilst playing with transparency and the appearance and disappearance of imagery.