Massinissa Selmani at Palais de Tokyo

15 February 2018

Ce Qui Coule n’a Pas de Fin

Massinissa Selmani

Winner Sam Prize Contemporary Art 2016

Palais de Tokyo I Paris, France

Massinissa Selmani’s exhibition pursues an experimental project based on drawing, mingling a documentary approach with fictional constructions, while taking as its point of departure contemporary political and social issues from press cuttings. Through confrontation, juxtaposition and even the superposition of actual elements, whose contexts have systematically been concealed, the artist creates enigmatic, ambiguous scenes, bearing witness to the absurdity of human behaviours, or architecture as an instrument of power. By arranging large white spaces on the pages, and playing on effects of transparency and reserve, he invites us to fill in the gaps, to question the way we remember and write history, beyond any linear structure. In this way, he also raises questions about the production process but also the circulation and diffusion of media images, as well as the way they influence our perception of historical and current events.