14 May 2018

Source, Orientations & Foyer Ismaïl Bahri Bozar. Brussels, Belgium Projection Date | 14.05.18 | 20.30 hr If Orientations is a portrait of Tunis reflected in a glass filled with ink, Foyer seems to be a projection without film, where the only visible thing is a palpitating white screen. Voices accompany this emptiness: they are spoken by […]

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Massinissa Selmani Expose Sa Discorde Au Palais De Tokyo (FR)

18 April 2018

  © Copyright 2018 ONORIENT. Amira Louadah    Dans le cadre de la saison Discorde, Fille de la nuit au Palais de Tokyo, se tenant jusqu’au 13 mai 2018 à Paris, Massinissa Selmani, artiste algérien révélé lors de la Biennale de Venise 2015, nous plonge dans une auto-fiction documentée, intitulée Ce qui coule n’a pas de […]

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Exhausting Landscapes: Lina Ben Rejeb at Art Dubai

15 March 2018

© Copyright 2018 Art Africa Selma Feriani Gallery will be presenting the most recent body of work by Tunisian artist, Lina Ben Rejeb and Tunisian artist of Turkish origin, Hedi Turki. ART AFRICA spoke to Lina Ben Rejeb about her work set to exhibit at the 12th edition of Art Dubai alongside one of her influencers and […]

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Massinissa Selmani at Palais de Tokyo

15 February 2018

Ce Qui Coule n’a Pas de Fin Massinissa Selmani Winner Sam Prize Contemporary Art 2016 Palais de Tokyo I Paris, France Massinissa Selmani’s exhibition pursues an experimental project based on drawing, mingling a documentary approach with fictional constructions, while taking as its point of departure contemporary political and social issues from press cuttings. Through confrontation, juxtaposition […]

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Catalina Swinburn at Art Basel Cities Buenos Aires

04 November 2017

Catalina Swinburn Fissures Workshop Experience Art Basel Cities Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, Argentina Nationalism requires the elaboration of a real or invented remote past. This workshop considers how archaeological data are manipulated for nationalist purposes, and it discusses the relationship of archaeology to nation-building. The Art Basel Cities Exchange facilitates professional collaborations, supports cultural opportunities, […]

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Maha Malluh at the Louvre Abu Dhabi

11 November 2017

Louvre Abu Dhabi I Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates   Described as a ‘new world museum of the 21st century’, Louvre Abu Dhabi aims to redefine the traditional museum experience by deconstructing traditional perspectives of art history, and building a narrative that finds commonality across cultures — instead of the accepted format of museology, in which […]

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Farah Khelil I Nous Ne Sommes Pas le Nombre Que Nous Croyons Être

02 February 2018 - 03 February 2018

Nous Ne Sommes Pas le Nombre Que Nous Croyons Être Farah Khelil Cité Internationale des Arts I Paris, France Event Dates | 02.02 to 03.02.18 Curated by Mélanie Bouteloup, Bétonsalon This event will bring together hundreds of artists, researchers and working groups from a wide variety of geographical and disciplinary horizons around an unprecedented, continuous experience […]

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Carte Blanche to Ismaïl Bahri at Cyclorama Studio (Lyon)

22 February 2018

Projection Carte Blanche À Ismaïl Bahri Ismaïl Bahri Cyclorama Studio I Lyon, France Event date I 22.02.18   In search of unpredictability and astonishment, Ismaïl Bahri likes to confront the things that exceed him (wind, storm, fire…). He fashions his images and strives to invite a form of chance in the act of filming. His camera accompanies […]

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09 December 2017

© Copyright 2017 ArtAsiaPacific. Ned Carter Miles The surface of a thing, by definition, is always the part of it that we see. It is the outermost layer that defines our idea of an object in both sight and memory; when we record or represent things remembered, we also often do so on a surface—paper, a […]

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