19 October 2016

© Copyright 2016 Art Absolument. Florence Dauly Le trait est fin, il délimite avec minutie les contours. Parfois, il se fait plus appuyé pour combler un pantalon ou une veste. Pourtant, même si elles paraissent triviales dans leur simplicité, ces scènes réservées et inspirées d’une actualité parfois sanglante n’ont rien d’anodines. À seulement 36 ans, l’Algérien Massinissa Selmani, fraîchement diplômé de l’école des Beaux-Arts de […]

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7 Standout Artists From Art Basel

20 June 2016

 © Copyright 2016 Vogue. Kevin McGarry As the spring art season’s grand finale, and the insular, salubrious antecedent to Miami’s world-colliding winter bacchanal, a particularly wet and stormy Art Basel proper closed its doors on Sunday. Among the more than 4,000 artists who participated in the main fair’s miscellany of platforms—blue-chip dealers with prime spots in […]

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At Art Basel, Restating the Obvious

18 June 2016

© Copyright 2016 Hyperallergic. Ari Akkermans I would suggest starting with the Statements section on the second floor, where young galleries introduce new artists to the big, fat market. Though this section is small, and it feels a bit lost. Middle Eastern galleries are the true discovery this year: At the London gallery Carroll Fletcher’s booth, […]

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Art Basel, moins de monde mais toujours au top (FR)

17 June 2016

© Copyright 2016 Happening. Clotilde Scordia La grand-messe de l’art contemporain est ouverte depuis lundi et déjà l’on sait que cette édition battra encore tous les records de ventes. Si la foire se voit délaissée par de nombreux visiteurs américains apeurés par l’image transmise par les médias d’une Europe bousculée par les attentats, les grèves […]

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What are the genealogies of performance art in North Africa and the Middle East? Platform for discussion 009

28 May 2015

© Copyright 2015 Ibraaz. Farah Khelil Mixed Media I (2009) is a list of 50 pages of technical descriptions of contemporary art pieces. The list, made up of automatic extractions of data about techniques used in contemporary art practices, is a multi-format, translatable database. In 2010, Mixed Media II (2010–2014) became a generative piece. Thanks to […]

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Nicène Kossentini | Sign(s) of the Time(s)

05 May 2016

© Copyright 2016 anotherafrica. Clelia Coussonnet What is left when our landmarks and our memories disappear? Moreover, in an ever-changing world, whose metamorphic pace is verging towards the frenetic, how is our ability to think and dream being influenced? Reflecting on our identity, and asking Who am I? escapes none of us. It means being […]

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Nidhal Chamekh, iconograph of fragments

01 April 2016

© Copyright 2016 Happening. Clotilde Scordia Crowned with the prestige of having been chosen by Okwui Enwezor to participate in the 56th Venice Biennale, an edition charged with geopolitical discourse, Nidhal Chamekh is an artist that is embarking upon a career full of promise. At Selma Feriani gallery, Chamekh’s work is on display alongside Massinissa […]

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Massinissa Selmani. Between Comedy and Tragedy

25 March 2016

© Copyright 2016 Artpress. Ingrid Luquet-Gad A sheet of tracing paper, a lead pencil, a few swaths of color and some incongruous elements make up a montage revealing the absurdity of certain situations. Press photos — illustrating wars, politics news items — are transformed in disturbing skits that oscillate between burlesque and tragedy, poetry and lies. Works by Massinissa Selmani are on […]

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Meet the Artists: Art Dubai Commissions 2016 | Massinissa Selmani

09 February 2016

© Copyright 2016 The Art Dubai Blog. Nada Bokhowa  Running alongside the residency and projects programme, Art Dubai Commissions 2016 artists include Doa Aly, Massinissa Selmani, Nile Sunset Annex and Sreshta Rit Premnath. Art Dubai Commissions is curated by Yasmina Reggad. ‘I have always been fascinated by the printing environment,’ says Massinissa Selmani, who hails from Algiers. […]

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