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Ismaïl Bahri at the Jeu de Paume

31 May 2017

Selma Feriani Gallery is pleased to announce the first major exhibition by Ismaïl Bahri opening the 13th of June 2017 at the Jeu de Paume, Paris. The exhibition titled “Instruments” will present a selection of his principal works along with two new works, conceived and produced for the occasion. The works reflect the main themes running […]

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03 February 2017

Selma Feriani Gallery would like to congratulate both Ismaïl Bahri and Massinissa Selmani for their inclusion at the forthcoming Sharjah Biennial 13 Tamawuj curated by Christine Tohme. Tamawuj unfolds in five parts from October 2016 through October 2017. Featuring over fifty international artists, the biennial encompasses exhibitions and a public programme in two acts in […]

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Des soulèvements bien encadrés (FR)

24 October 2016

© Copyright 2016 Le Monde Blogs. Lunettes Rouges D’abord, on se dit que c’est une exposition remarquable, avec un souffle, un lyrisme, un énorme travail de recherche. Georges Didi-Huberman a réalisé avec Soulèvements (au Jeu de Paume jusqu’au 15 janvier) une encyclopédie visuelle du geste du soulèvement dont la richesse et la complexité laisse pantois. L’affiche, […]

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23 October 2016

© Copyright 2016 Libération. Judicaël Lavrador Répartie sur une douzaine de lieux bretons, la 5e édition des Ateliers de Rennes pointe la façon dont les impératifs économiques et les technologies transforment notre rapport au quotidien. Dans le décor d’une salle d’aéroport désertée, un type à la peau brûlée, avatar numérique de l’artiste Ed Atkins, dépose tous ses organes dans […]

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Ismaïl Bahri at the Jeu de Paume

18 October 2016 - 15 January 2017

Selma Feriani Gallery is thrilled to announce Ismail Bahri’s participation to Soulèvements, a group exhibition curated by Georges Didi-Huberman at the Jeu de Paume (Paris, France). The Jeu de Paume entrusts all of its spaces to the philosopher and art historian Georges Didi-Huberman for a large exhibition of both historic and contemporary works. For almost ten years, […]

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A Filmmaker’s Impromptu Conversations on the Streets of Tunis

11 November 2016

© Copyright 2016 Hyperallergic. Naila Kelani Ismaïl Bahri’s film began with a simple premise: he would walk around Tunis with a white sheet of paper taped over his camera lens and record the changes of light. Last summer, French-Tunisian artist Ismaïl Bahri returned to his native Tunisia to make a film. It began with a […]

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Ismaïl Bahri en quête d’indicible (Fr)

23 April 2015

© Copyright 2015 Connaissance des Arts. Marie Maertens   L’œuvre d’Ismaïl Bahri pourrait paraphraser l’essai de Daniel Arasse, On n’y voit rien, tant ses explorations se mènent de manière subtile et discrète. Quand Ismaïl Bahri dessine, par exemple sa série Écumes de 2009, il le fait avec du lait, et lorsqu’il filme ses déambulations dans […]

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Ismaïl Bahri’s Quiet Revolution in Tunis | artnet

11 June 2014

The staging of simple gestures is something of a modus operandi for Ismaïl Bahri. Preparing for a solo exhibition at Selma Feriani Gallery’s Tunisian branch in Sidi Bou Said, the Tunis-born, Paris-based artist stuck series of metal pins on the dazzlingly white walls of the ancient village. The sun determines their position: the second pin is placed at the end of the long shadow projected by the first one and so on, until, for a fleeting few minutes, a whole line appears on the surface. As the earth rotates, the line breaks up and gradually vanishes, reappearing the following day ever-so-slightly transformed by the time elapsed—literally a shadow of its former self.

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Ismaïl Bahri : Aviator | Detail se dilate (exhibition)

25 April 2014

At a moment when words are let loose and daring, and a thread of thoughts is thrown- still inhabited as we go by the already initiated process of Dénouement, lingering on by the slow unravelling of the sights yielded by Film, where in fact we should be closer now to Ismail Bahri’s poise in “filming the seing”, and that we should also be writing…there surge out, well intertwined, both figures of Small Prince and of Rimbaud.

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