Ziad Antar at Bruges Triennial | Unfinished Cities

20 May 2015 - 28 October 2015

Protected Bruges appears frozen in time. This exhibition focuses on the opposite: cities in a state of perpetual motion. And mainly in the Middle and Far East where cities constantly change as a result of urban development or speculation, as a result of destruction during conflicts and reconstruction once they cease. Thus they permanently balance on the brink of being in a state of ruin and construction.

In contrast to the extreme of the preserved city of Bruges we can cite, for example, Beirut. For a long time the Lebanese capital was also the economic capital of the Near East. However, repeated occupations and a gruesome civil war [1975-1990/2006] turned the city into an eternal ruin, in which its entire precious heritage was lost. Beirut was rebuilt following the civil war in 1994.

Ziad Antar’s captivating series of photographs Beirut Bereft. Architecture of the Forsaken. Map of the Derelict depicts unfinished, destroyed and abandoned buildings in the Lebanese capital. The belief in modernity prior to the civil war and the destruction caused by the war itself portrayed in a single ghost town.

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