Liste Art Fair : Booth 73

13 - 19 June 2022 

For Liste Art Fair Basel 2022, we are delighted to show a solo presentation of new and existing artworks by Nidhal Chamekh, exploring the present through political narrative positions. His artwork is situated at the intersection of the biographical and the political, the lived and the historical, the event and the archive, it, therefore, reflects on the times we inhabit. Chamekh’s interest touches upon charged moments which expose certain destruction that consequently presents a space of production.

For Chamekh, drawing becomes a tool in which he seeks to articulate an understanding. It is the act of translating thoughts into form. In this approach, the temporal has a vital role, where memory comes into play to explain the present and establish a future. An image can appear out of many different contexts. By taking photographs and reworking them as drawings, combining and layering faces together, the artist radicalises the denial of the personal existence, by overlaying contradictory forms and surfaces.