Elena Damiani | Screen Acts : Women In Film and Video | Group Show

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Screen Acts: Women in Film and Video

This series highlights women artists and filmmakers whose works draw on the histories of representation and performance in film and video to address some of the most pressing social issues of our time. Topics range from representations of African Americans in vernacular culture to the politics of space and collective memory. Artists in this program include Elena Damiani, Steffani Jemison, Jazmín López, Carrie Mae Weems, and the Ethnocine Collective (Emily Hong, Miasarah Lai, and Mariangela Mihai).


Elena Damiani (Lima, 1979. Currently lives in Lima) The Peruvian artist transforms found material into collages, sculptures, videos, and installations. Geology, archaeology, and cartography are the fields that Elena Damiani draws from in order to interpret scientific documents relative to the composition, evolution, and history of the Earth. The artist uses various means to explore natural events and their generative processes. She comes to terms with found material characterized by a narrative component, such as books, photographs, videos, and public records. Her research wavers between what is found and what is built, between the factual and the invented, between the personal and the collective.

Intersticio | Elena Damiani, 2012

San José Museum of Art | California, USA

Exhibition ends | 30.06.2019

19 May 2019
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