Residency at L’Atelier Selma Feriani I Ferielle Doulain-Zouari

1st April - 31st May

We are please to announce the new resident at l’Atelier Ferielle Doulain-Zouari who will be developing a project prior to the open studio in June.


During this two-month residency, she aims to continue her research on the theme of the line, working manually with local natural and reusable materials. The project involves exploring the coexistence of clay and glass, utilizing their specific properties, and relating them to the context of their presentation. It aims to create adaptable installations using ecological materials, ensuring they remain relevant and modifiable in different environments.


Ferielle Doulain-Zouari

Born 1992 in Paris,FR lives and works in Tunis,TN

Through the use of manual techniques that operate in the present, she questions the different cohabitations that exist between the natural world and the artificial. Her work takes the form of installations, sculptures and weavings of different styles. They are linked to daily life, are inspired by the environment, the elements that surround it and the coping systems implemented on a daily basis. Her workshop moves according to the opportunities encountered, including with craftsmen. Through this journey, the reference to manual work has become essential in its creation as well as the desire to arouse exchanges and questions thanks to a plastic language.

4 April 2024
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