Yann Lacroix . Le château intérieur

Parc Saint léger , Centre d’Art Contemporain



Driven by the desire to create a synergy between the architectural potential of the Museum of Earthenware and Fine Arts of Nevers and its collections – where pattern and figuration predominate – we chose to invite the artist Yann Lacroix whose work plays precisely at the limits of the figurative.

Indeed, when faced with the paintings of Yann Lacroix, our eye finds itself caught in a series of effects of appearance and disappearance. These are motifs, scenes, landscapes which emerge as memories of impressions,   of sensations anchored to a few enigmatically clear and persistent figures.

We can certainly guess a long pictorial work, of erasures and redoes, a meticulous treatment of light.

With his interest in history and the history of art, and inspired by his exploration of the Neversoise collections, Yann Lacroix wanted to be able, alongside his own paintings, to exhibit some vestiges and sculptural pieces from the Museum's collections. and the Nivernais Archaeological Museum.

This is how, accompanied by the scenographer Sabine Tarry, the artist offers the visitor, in the scenographer's own words, "a journey where from one work to another, we come across fragments of stones, a long series of capitals, small formats evoking the miniature requiring that we approach very closely, a large painting like an ancient fresco responding to the immensity of the place, conversing with a parterre of old terracottas, and which closes in the striking encounter between a sculpture representing a young girl, her eyes absorbed on a medallion,   and a mysterious painting of a knight. »


Partnership : Musée de la faïence et des beaux-arts de Nevers

Scenography : Sabine Tarry
Graphics : Nathan Rousseau
Design : Henri Guette


5 April 2024
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