The art I love: MACAAL president Othman Lazraq's tour of his museum's formidable African art collection

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..."Besides being a great friend, M'Barek Bouhchichi is one of the most talented Moroccan artists of my generation. His multidisciplinary works fight against the norms of society while also exploring his inner self. He believes all humans are the result of multiple cultures, and that we must go beyond geographical borders and interact with the rest of the world.
This work draws on his research into the Berber peasant poet M'barek Ben Zida, who believed he could connect with the forces of nature, either to calm them or use them against others, and speak to animals, plants and insects.
Each of the seven tall branches, made from wood and copper, has a poem chiseled into them. The installation is impressive in size from afar, but once you get up close, you realise its sensitivity and ability to communicate. It's a very delicate and elegant piece that reminds us of the incredible diversity of Morocco's population through its use of vernacular verse."...
Othman Lazraq 
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26 March 2020
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