Thameur Mejri | 15 African Artists on the Rise

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The artist Thameur Mejri has been featured in the article "15 African Artists on the Rise" by Wabwire Joseph Ian on
"Thameur Mejri’s vivid, intricate paintings offer critiques of the social issues and politics of Tunisia, his homeland. While exploring themes like bigotry, violence, war, and mass media, among others, Mejri often centers his works around figures, seeking to delve into discussions of morality and religion as well. With their riotous combination of color, form, and line, his works envision the discord and multifaceted nature of such topics, serving to stimulate meaningful conversations and unmask truths. Mejri has said that his artistic influences range from Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon to David Lynch.
Mejri’s solo show “Walking Targets,” will open at Selma Feriani Gallery in late November and run through January 2021. His other recent solo exhibitions include “Eroded Grounds” at Gallery 1957 in Accra, “Before You Split the Ground” at Jack Bell Gallery in London, and “Heretic spaces” at Elmarsa Gallery in Dubai. He was also featured in the Tunisian pavilion of DAK’ART, the Biennale of Contemporary African Art, 2018, and the 13th edition of the Cairo Biennale in 2019"
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19 November 2020
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