M'barek Bouhchichi featured in African Galleries Now: Contemporary Sculpture

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"Sculpture is unequivocally something that many would think of first if asked about historical art from the continent. While the balance has shifted towards painting in contemporary art, artists working in 3D material practices consistently deliver surprising and powerful artworks. These works have an incredible capacity for creating conversations between tradition and modernity. They evince unique perspectives by tapping into the narrative properties of the many materials they use. Sculptors participating in African Galleries Now from Morocco to Mozambique, South Africa to Zimbabwe, Uganda to Namibia work in clay, stone, bronze, wood, nut shells, steel as well as chipboard and molten plastic to complicate and dispel any notion of homogeneity in what is or can be African." (...)

(...)"M’Barek Bouchichi is an artist and educator who lives and works in Tahanaout, Morocco. Bouhchichi’s abstract artworks manifest in painting, drawing, weaving and sculpture, all of which relay a clear and consistent visual language. With a strong emphasis on form, Bouchichi explores the potential of connection between individual forms of expression and the broader, external, social and historical world." (...)


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8 December 2020
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