Pascal Hachem and Rana Haddad : DesertX

AIUla , Saudi Arabia

Under the theme of "In the Presence of Absence", Desert X AlUla 2024 asks 'what cannot be seen?' Often dismissed as spaces of emptiness, deserts are rendered mute, static, but there is much more than meets the eye. Artists taking part in Desert X AlUla 2024 have been invited to explore ideas of the unseen and the inexpressible. Encouraged to engage with what is not immediately apparent, they stage new encounters with the landscape, imagining alternative perspectives that appreciate the imperceptible forces and atmospheres of time, wind, light, the flows of history and myths woven into the place.

Rana Haddad and Pascal Hachem's installation focuses on honouring the traditional crafts of the region, creating a refuge made from rammed earth jars. Dubbed "Reveries", each jar in the tower bears geometric cuts, allowing nature and light to shift and cast ever-evolving patterns within.


9 February - 23 March 2024

15 February 2024
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